We Believe in Second Chances


All funds raised by this initiative go directly toward reducing the impact of fines and fees on our communities.


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Driver’s license suspensions hurt the economy


People who can’t work or who lose income due to a suspended license not only have less money to pay off their initial fines and fees, but they also have less money to contribute to our overall economy. Businesses, especially small ones, that rely on drivers are also heavily impacted by license suspensions. Fines and fees are not even a source of revenue for Florida — less than 4% are ever paid!

Suspensions do not make us safer.

When law enforcement uses their time to cite, stop, fine and arrest people for driving with a suspended license due to unpaid fines and fees, they have less time to investigate crimes that actually endanger peoples’ lives. The cost of law enforcement pursuing suspended licenses far exceeds any revenue driven to the state by these fines and fees.